Sunday, September 27, 2009


Well, I really did mean to keep this blog more updated than I have! Hopefully I will do better in the future! :)

Well, we have now been here almost 2 months (has it only been that long?!). Rushing is working at On the Border and I am working at a pre-school. I w
ill only be at my current job for a short while longer because I am going to a different pre-school, a KinderCare center. I am really excited! My new director is a friend of ours and the wife of the pastor at our new church! I think it's going to be great!! Fun how God works things out!

School is going pretty good for Rush. Last week he had a test in Greek and a test in Church History. This week he has a test in Hermeneutics and a book review due in another class! Talk about being busy and reading all the time....guess I get to look forward to that in the spring!

In other news, OBU Homecoming and Tiger Tunes is soon! We are cr
ossing our fingers that Rush can get off work that week
end! We can't wait to see my family and all our college friends!

Well, Rush just walked in from work and we are about to eat a way late dinner!
Here are a few more photos of our sweet apartment!