Thursday, January 21, 2010

news...well i guess it's news :)

Check out this awesome blog for some great reads, tips, and funny stories! Wish her a Happy Blog-iversary!

This time last week we were asleep at Rushing's parents house resting for the long drive to Mississippi. I can't believe we have only been here one week. It feels like it has been longer! I guess that is a good thing. We are slowly but surely getting settled.

We have so far gone to a Sunday night service and a Wednesday night youth service. Rushing has been to his first staff meeting and we have had lunch with the staff a couple of times...they are a hoot! I have also gotten to spend some much needed quality time with my friend Lindsay and we have spent some time with new friends too! We are SO excited that we have friends who are our age here! We had dinner at Joy and Jerry's house tonight and met new friends Sabrina and her husband Shawn or Sean not sure of the spelling. We had a great time! We are very thankful that God is blessing us with new friends already.

I am pretty sure I am going to do the substitute teaching thing for awhile. I went to the offices today, turned in my resume and now I am just waiting to be approved. Then, I will have to fill out the paperwork, get background checks, attend a workshop and then I'll be good to go! I'm excited!

Well, that's really all that's going on in the land of the Crazy Mayes'...but we'll keep you posted with updates!

Oh wait! Big news that I meant to share earlier! I am going to be an aunt again!! Caleb (Rushing's brother) and wife, Morgan are expecting their second! Their firstborn, Emma, will be 1 on Feb. 1 and they are so excited for kiddo #2! :)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

getting settled...

Well, we did it. We packed all our stuff, cleaned the apartment, loaded the moving truck, and drove to Brandon, Mississippi where we got to unload and unpack all of our things. You would think that since we just moved to Texas 6 months ago I would have gotten rid of some of our useless stuff....but for some reason it stuck around. Maybe I will be able to 'toss' some stuff in time for our next move....but hopefully that won't be for a while. At least a year. :)

Seriously though. We are really enjoying our new little town. Coming from a super small town in Arkansas and then moving to the BIG city in Texas I think Brandon is just the right size. and I am LOVING all the trees again!!

Rushing is the student director at the FBC and he loves it! Today was his first full day at work and he has hit the ground running! We have met quite a few of the teens and they all seem pretty cool. They have all been introducing themselves and are really excited that we are here, which is always nice. :)

It's also awesome that we are sooo close to my Lindsay! I am so glad that God has brought us close to each other again. I have really been missing all of my best friends from college.

I am still looking for a job. Well, let me rephrase that. I started looking for a job today. Our church has a child care center and I talked with the director today. She doesn't have a need for a classroom teacher, but possibly for a floater for the 3 and 4 y/os and maybe for after-school kids. I really enjoy working with pre-schools but I would LOVE to be able to actually be a children's minister again. I know I am being selfish. Anyway. I am thinking about doing the alternate teaching route...which means I would take the Praxis tests, go through an 'education' program for a couple of months and then I would be able to teach in the schools. But...I would be at the bottom of the 'hiring totem pole' because obviously actual certified teachers would get a job before me. So, I am thinking about going to the school district tomorrow and applying to be a substitute teacher...then I would get my foot in the door and get my feet wet. So, we'll see.

Just keep us in your prayers and we try to figure out life in Mississippi! :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

belated Christmas post! :)

I still can't believe that we are moving again. I mean I believe it when I look around my apartment and see all the boxes and empty shelves....but it's exciting! We had a slight change of plans and will be heading out Friday morning, so please keep us in your prayers! We have an apartment waiting for us already, so that is wonderful!!! God always provides, doesn't he? :)

On to other things...I never posted about our Christmas!
We had family Christmas with Rushing's parents, the girls, Drica (a friend from Brasil) Caleb, Morgan, Emma and some of Morgan's family. It was pretty crazy with so many people in the house, but we had a great time! We taught Morgan and her family and Drica how to play WAHOO and Drica won, but only due to the fact that the game was lasting FOREVER...I'm not a sore sport or anything :)
a few of the people at the Mayes' Christmas

Rushing and I had our Christmas on Christmas
Eve morning before we left for Arkansas...

Every year my parents get us matching mom even used to make ours when we were little. :) (other than the fact that i look like i'm
12 i love this photo) We had a great Christmas with my family as well. My Granny came over Christmas morning and we ate breakfast, opened gifts, and then ate an awesome Christmas lunch. Then, we pretty much just hung out all day and were very lazy which was nice. I also got to spend some quality time with my super cute nephew, Landon.

The day after Christmas we went to Hot Springs for the Jones Family Christmas. I wish I had taken more photos and that blogspot wouldn't be so tough to load pictures onto because we had a BLAST with the Jones clan. There are SO many of us and it is always crazy when we all get together, especially with all the 'new' kiddos running around! After a great weekend, we headed back to Texas and here we are...a few weeks later packing to move to Mississippi! :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

another year, another move :)

Well, the title of our blog, Our Crazy Life, seems to fit perfectly. Although we just moved to Texas about seven months ago, here we are packing to move again.

This time to Mississippi. Yes, you read correctly, Mississippi. Don't worry, I can hardly believe it myself. :)

Rushing just accepted a job as Student Director at a church in a town right outside Jackson. We are really excited about this new road we are going to be traveling down. He will be working full time and still attending seminary through extension courses taught at the church. The church will be paying for those classes, so that's pretty exciting.

I am pretty excited about this move. It will be wonderful to be involved in a church again and to be working with teens and hopefully children too. This will be the first time ever that Rushing will be able to work full-time as a youth minister and he is sooo pumped about it!!

Right now, we are still looking for a place to live but will hopefully have that nailed down by the time the weekend is over. We found a nice apartment, but it's a little we are (well I am) hoping to find something equally as nice for not so much money...but we'll see. The crazy thing is...we are moving NEXT THURSDAY. Yes, as in a week from yesterday.

I have made my packing checklist, every day has a room/area to be packed, I have a schedule and I have boxes...probably not enough, but I have some. I have even started packing...I have a total of 3 boxes ready. Three. Gee, I have a long week ahead. :)

Be praying for us and we will totally keep everyone updated...that is if anyone actually reads this thing. :)