Tuesday, January 19, 2010

getting settled...

Well, we did it. We packed all our stuff, cleaned the apartment, loaded the moving truck, and drove to Brandon, Mississippi where we got to unload and unpack all of our things. You would think that since we just moved to Texas 6 months ago I would have gotten rid of some of our useless stuff....but for some reason it stuck around. Maybe I will be able to 'toss' some stuff in time for our next move....but hopefully that won't be for a while. At least a year. :)

Seriously though. We are really enjoying our new little town. Coming from a super small town in Arkansas and then moving to the BIG city in Texas I think Brandon is just the right size. and I am LOVING all the trees again!!

Rushing is the student director at the FBC and he loves it! Today was his first full day at work and he has hit the ground running! We have met quite a few of the teens and they all seem pretty cool. They have all been introducing themselves and are really excited that we are here, which is always nice. :)

It's also awesome that we are sooo close to my Lindsay! I am so glad that God has brought us close to each other again. I have really been missing all of my best friends from college.

I am still looking for a job. Well, let me rephrase that. I started looking for a job today. Our church has a child care center and I talked with the director today. She doesn't have a need for a classroom teacher, but possibly for a floater for the 3 and 4 y/os and maybe for after-school kids. I really enjoy working with pre-schools but I would LOVE to be able to actually be a children's minister again. I know I am being selfish. Anyway. I am thinking about doing the alternate teaching route...which means I would take the Praxis tests, go through an 'education' program for a couple of months and then I would be able to teach in the schools. But...I would be at the bottom of the 'hiring totem pole' because obviously actual certified teachers would get a job before me. So, I am thinking about going to the school district tomorrow and applying to be a substitute teacher...then I would get my foot in the door and get my feet wet. So, we'll see.

Just keep us in your prayers and we try to figure out life in Mississippi! :)

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