Wednesday, July 29, 2009

this old house...

Well, this is my final blog from this house. We are in the final stages of packing and moving. Mr. Tracey just dropped off the trailer so Rushing and BJ will start loading it pretty soon. I still have a few things left to pack and then I get to clean the house...sounds fun, huh?

I will say that I am going to miss this house. I will miss the beautiful flowers that Mrs. Lavender planted, the big red barn in the backyard, the honeysuckle that made the air smell so good, and having my own washer and dryer! There are many memories here...Rushing and Opie lived here as bachelors before Rush and I got married. Tuesday Night Hang-Outs are probably some of my favorite memories of the year we lived here...having the teens over was a blast and something I am SO glad we did. I used to complain that this house was too small...that was until we got our new apartment in Fort this is a BIG house! Guess I better watch what I say from now on! :)

My family came over yesterday. My parents are awesome and are going to store some stuff for us until we get a bigger place to house everything. I love my parents so much... My sister Amber and her baby boy Landon and my little 'BIG' brother Adam came too. I can't believe how big Landon has gotten...he is walking now, it is crazy! I am really going to miss being able to drive an hour to Fordyce to see them... Hopefully they will all come visit really soon and we can go to Six Flags!!

I need to get busy... I need to pack/clean for a while then I am taking my class of kiddos pizza for lunch, I'm an awesome teacher, I know. ;)


Sunday, July 26, 2009

a few more...

Here are a few more photos of the kids I am going to miss. I
am so thankful that I had this time with them..

whew...time flies.

Today was our last Sunday at Bingham and what a day it was. During the morning worship service our Pastor does 'Pastor Pals' with our kiddos. Well, this morning one of my children's workers presented me with this.... A photo of my kids and they had all signed their names...needless to say I cried, she cried, we all cried. Good memories.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Coming Soon...

Wow! I can not believe we are moving in a little over a week. This is our last full week here in Little Rock before we move to the far away land of Texas. The plan is to have the trailer loaded and ready on Wednesday night and head out around 8 am Thursday morning. I can not believe how fast everything has happened.

We still have so much to do. We have already started packing...but I feel like it is never ending. I still need to go through all of our clothes and other random stuff we have both had since college and purge, purge, purge!

Well, I'm off to finish reading Pride and Prejudice while my sweet husband finishes dinner. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

and God laughed at me...

So. A few years ago I said I would never marry a preacher. I met Rushing. I then married Rushing. He preaches. I then said, I will never move to Texas. Then, God laughed and said you won't, huh?

Rushing and I will be moving to Fort Worth, TX at the end of the month to pursue our Master's at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Rushing is going for a Master's of Divinity in Christian Apologetics. I am going for a Master's of Arts in Marriage/Family Counseling and Christian Education. Rushing starts in August and I plan to start in January. We are both still looking for jobs and we know that God has a plan already worked out, we are just praying that we will be open to that plan. Please keep us in your prayers!

We are very excited about this big move...but we are really going to miss our friends and family here in Arkansas. Personally, I have enjoyed my job at our church/daycare more than I have enjoyed any other job I have ever had. We will be back to visit often and can't wait!