Friday, July 10, 2009

and God laughed at me...

So. A few years ago I said I would never marry a preacher. I met Rushing. I then married Rushing. He preaches. I then said, I will never move to Texas. Then, God laughed and said you won't, huh?

Rushing and I will be moving to Fort Worth, TX at the end of the month to pursue our Master's at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Rushing is going for a Master's of Divinity in Christian Apologetics. I am going for a Master's of Arts in Marriage/Family Counseling and Christian Education. Rushing starts in August and I plan to start in January. We are both still looking for jobs and we know that God has a plan already worked out, we are just praying that we will be open to that plan. Please keep us in your prayers!

We are very excited about this big move...but we are really going to miss our friends and family here in Arkansas. Personally, I have enjoyed my job at our church/daycare more than I have enjoyed any other job I have ever had. We will be back to visit often and can't wait!

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