Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Five years ago tomorrow. The last time my grandma spoke to me. The last conversation we had was simple. She was lying in a hospital bed and she told me she loved me and to take care of myself. I will never forget the pain and fear I felt that night. My grandma was admitted to the hospital on Thanksgiving day of my freshman year of college. She was in and out of ICU until December 18th when she passed away from guillian-barre syndrome.

I know that my Grandma is in such a better place, but I still get sad sometimes. I am sad that my husband never had the chance to meet such an amazing woman of God. I get sad that my children will never know their Great-Grandma. I miss her. Alot. A few days ago I was going through a box of stuff from college. In that box were tons of birthday/Christmas/Valentine cards I received throughout my time at OBU. I happened upon a little card with kittens on the front. Tears immediately came to my eyes. The card was from my Grandma, written barely a month before she got sick.

When I think of my Grandma, I truly picture the Proverbs 31 woman. My Grandma was always seeking after God with her whole heart. She desired to bring others closer to Him by being His servant in any way possible. She had a sweet, tender spirit. You could always count on her to give sound advice, to listen intently to everything you had to say, whether you were 3 or 30. She truly cared about everyone she ever met.

She was incredible. She would draw my sister and I pictures of a woman's face during church. Just this simple picture she drew, I wish I could find a copy of it. She would make the best yeast rolls and chocolate gravy for all the grandkids because it was our favorite. She also made these yummy cookies that we called 'all over' cookies. She had tons of old JC Penney catalogs on her book shelf that my sister and I loved going through. She had a WALL full of knick-knacks...some of the craziest things were on that shelf. I loved looking at them and imagining where she got them...but I hated them when we cleaned and had to dust every single one of them! She collected baby dolls. She had a closet full of dolls that we could play with. We, all 18 or so, of her granddaughters loved that!

I am blessed beyond measure to have had her as my Grandma. She taught me so much about life, patience, perseverance, love, and grace. I am thankful that she and my Grandpa raised my dad and his siblings to love the Lord. I am blessed that for 18 years of my life I went to the same church as she did and that my Grandpa was my pastor for 16 of those years. I am thankful that the furthest away she and my Grandpa ever lived was 15 minutes. We got to spend so much time with her through the years...more time than some kids ever get to spend with a grandparent. I am blessed.

I could go on and on about the ways in which my Grandma rocked :)
Seriously, go read Proverbs 31 and then you will see who my Grandma was.

I hope and pray that I can be at least half of the woman she was. To strive daily to be closer to the Father. To truly desire to bring others closer to Him, by serving and loving.

Happy Thanksgiving. :)

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  1. what a sweet post, you have such a great example of what a woman can grow to be in her family's life for many generations. you can pass on her example to YOUR granddaughters, who will one day say those things about you :)

    i didn't know you had been updating this so often, i need to keep up more!