Sunday, August 23, 2009

24 days.

Well, today marked 24 days of living in Fort Worth...and 24 days of no work, no paycheck, and alot of hanging out. Thankfully, God is good and we have not been in want or in need of anything. God totally provides. :)

I start my first full week of work tomorrow! We will be making a school bus picture out of construction paper, I will post photos later. We will also be learning and singing some new that should be fun! Also, I have to do music and art with INFANTS! Any ideas?

We really believe God is trying to teach us about faith and patience right now. Rushing still doesn't have a job. We know that God has a plan but it has been hard to take ourselves and our 'wants' out of the picture and truly depend on Him. Please pray for us in that area of our lives. God brought us to Fort Worth and seminary because that is what HE wanted for our lives, so we must keep the faith that He will provide when and how He sees fit. Man, it's just hard to wrap our small minds around that truth sometimes.

We have been searching for a new church over the past month. Today we visited Merge Community Church which is pastored by the youth minister that Rushing interned under years ago. There are about 40 people who attend regularly right now and they are doing some awesome outreach! Rushing and I had lunch with the pastor and his wife today and it was really inspiring and encouraging to talk to people who are our age and have the same heart for sharing God with others by serving the community and being outward focused...not inward focused on ourselves or our 'church'. Does that make sense? Anyway, it was a really great service and a great day. :)

I hope everyone is doing well out in cyberspace, lol. I will post more pictures of our semi-organized apartment soon.



  1. Ash, you are such an inspiration. I pray for all the best for you and Rushing. Good things come to those who are patient. Love you, cousin.

  2. yep that makes sense about church to me. Have you read Pagan Christianity? or Jim and Casper go to Church? Haven't finished PC, but it's good so far.
    Take care. enjoyed your blog! my blog is if you're interested