Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hello Texas.

Well, we made it to our new home in Texas. We moved in on Thursday, July 30 and here we are! It has only been a little over a week and I feel like it has been a month already!! I think that is because Rushing and I have just been hanging out, unpacking, job hunting...and that's about it! We haven't had this little to do in...well our entire lifetime! On the one hand it has been kind of weird and we feel like we should be doing something all the time, but on the other hand it has been really nice to relax and get some needed rest.

I got a J-O-B! I start at The Primary Academy on August 19th! I will be teaching a music and art class for 2 y/0-Pre-K and I will also be working with the after-school program! I am really excited! They are the first (and only) place I visited and left my resume. I got an on the spot interview and a second interview the following day! Bonus points that it is only about 7 minutes from our apartment!

Rushing is still looking for a job, so please keep praying for him. His classes start on the 24th and he is really looking forward to them! He has some cool classes...with ALOT of books! I couldn't believe how many he has...I'll have to take a picture and show everyone later!
We have a great apartment! Here are a -few- photos of our new place after unpacking. I will post more later! I haven't quite got everything the way I want it...but here you go:

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